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Argonaut Heating Ltd, established in 1972, is experienced in all aspects of commercial heating.  We have over 50 years’ experience in the industrial and commercial heating sector, specialising in cost effective and efficient solutions for the design and installation of new gas fired heating systems for churches, gas fired heating boiler replacements, church boiler repairs and church gas fired boiler service and heating maintenance.

We are members of the leading regulatory associations including Gas Safe and Refcom.  All members of the Argonaut Heating Ltd team are fully qualified and committed to excellence in health and safety thus ensuring that all installations and repairs are carried out in compliance with latest regulations.

Argonaut Heating Ltd provides a fast and reliable service for all requirements for gas fired church heating in the London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridge and East Anglia areas.

Heating system installation and servicing

With our wealth of experience in commercial heating applications, we understand the problems involved in heating churches, halls and other places of worship for buildings of all types.

Churches with heating problems are more common than warm churches and cold churches often discourage regular attendance.

Our team of reliable and experienced heating installation engineers regularly carry out the design and installation of heating systems, including heating boilers and associated pipework.

Our service team provide repairs and heating servicing for all types of gas fired church heating systems.

Heating a church

The main problem in heating a church is the age of the building. Since the majority of church buildings are well established, often with additions, they have a mixture of heating systems. These old systems still try to heat buildings once a week and are slow to respond, often requiring boilers to be turned on well in advance and despite this, the church can still be cold. More modern churches, built in the sixties, often had electric heating systems installed which are expensive to run.

Efficiency of heating system

Running costs are very important to most churches and at Argonaut Heating Ltd, our specialist church heating engineers can design and install efficient and cost effective church heating systems using Drugasar heaters which provide a quick heat up time.

Gas fired Drugasar heaters are manufactured to have a modern appearance and utilise advanced technology, together with high efficiency and reliability. Smaller side rooms, or chapels can easily be heated separately from the main church, either for services or meetings. They are widely used in community centres, halls, churches and other places of worship.  As an alternative to Drugasar heaters, we can also install Vulcana heaters.

Alternatively, where it is not practical to install Drugasar or Vulcana heaters due to the nature of the building, i.e. it is a listed building, we can also offer a traditional solution using a condensing high efficiency boiler and radiators, providing fuel saving costs.

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