Our engineers carry out a wide range of commercial heating boiler services

From complete boiler house refurbishments to single boiler repairs or replacement of heating pumps and controls

The Argonaut Heating Ltd team of commercial heating engineers offers efficient, reliable and cost effective commercial boiler services including the design of heating systems, commercial gas fired boiler installations and boiler replacements, boiler repairs and maintenance works.  Our experienced engineers carry out works in the London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridge and East Anglia areas.

Our engineers carry out a diverse range of works for industrial and commercial gas fired heating boiler services requirements for projects of all sizes, from complete commercial gas fired boiler house refurbishment and replacement of gas fired boiler rooms to small works like a single commercial heating boiler repair or replacement of heating system pumps and controls. They are experienced in all aspects of commercial gas fired heating boiler services, working in a variety of building types in both the public and private sectors, including schools, colleges, churches, offices, embassies, private members’ clubs, warehouses and factories.

As an approved installer for all the leading and recognised manufacturers of commercial gas fired heating boiler equipment, we offer a full industrial and commercial boiler installation, boiler repair, boiler servicing and boiler maintenance service for commercial boilers such as Hoval, Broag-Remeha, Strebel, Stelrad, Clyde Combustion, Potterton Commercial, Ideal Commercial and Vaillant Commercial.

All our commercial heating engineers are fully qualified and committed to excellence in health and safety thus ensuring that all commercial gas fired heating boiler installations and industrial boiler repairs are carried out in compliance with latest regulations.

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Our commercial heating boiler installation and maintenance services work examples

Industrial & Commercial Heating Boiler Installation Services

Argonaut Heating Ltd regularly carry out industrial and commercial boiler installation works in a variety of building types and we are also specialists in providing school heating boiler services and church heating boiler installation services for churches, chapels and other places of worship.

Our engineers offer a bespoke commercial heating service offering advice on an existing commercial boiler installation, with recommendations on the most suitable industrial or commercial boiler replacement service to achieve an efficient and cost effective commercial heating system for the building type and application. Each boiler replacement or industrial heating system is designed and installed to meet the client’s requirements on a project by project basis; no project is too large or too small.

Industrial & Commercial Heating Boiler Repair and Maintenance Services

Argonaut Heating Ltd offers a full industrial and commercial heating boiler repair, boiler servicing and heating boiler maintenance service.

As specialists in industrial heating boiler maintenance and plant room servicing, we can offer the perfect solution for commercial boiler repairs and commercial heating maintenance services. We know that clients have their own requirements, not only in the performance required from their industrial boilers but also from having regular, reliable and affordable commercial boiler maintenance.

We can provide industrial boiler servicing and maintenance on an ad hoc basis or, as many of our clients prefer, we offer a complete commercial boiler maintenance service on a contractual basis. Our clients are thus reassured that their industrial heating system is maintained regularly by competent and experienced commercial heating engineers.

See further details on our Heating Maintenance Services page.

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