One of the most cost effective and efficient means of heating

It is an industrial heating system providing free blowing warm air throughout the premises

Warm Air Heating Specialist Contractor

Warm air heating is one of the most cost effective and efficient means of heating certain types of industrial and commercial buildings. It is an industrial heating system providing free blowing warm air throughout the premises.

Warm Air Heating – Economical Heating Solution

Warm air heating is much less expensive than a wet system with boilers and unit heaters or radiators and has a much faster speed of response.

Argonaut Heating Limited is a specialist in designing, installing and maintaining warm air heating systems using gas fired heaters which may be either suspended or floor standing. Our design engineers will advise on the most suitable warm air heating equipment to meet our clients’ needs for an energy efficient and cost effective warm air heating solution.

Approved Warm Air Heating Installer

Argonaut Heating Limited is an approved installer for all the major manufacturers of warm air heating equipment including Ambi Rad, Powrmatic and Reznor and our expertise in choosing the right warm air heating solution will ensure clients reduce their running costs.

We are able to choose from a comprehensive range of air heaters providing high efficiency combined heating and ventilation solutions across a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial heating applications. Combined heating and ventilation units ensure precise control, excellent indoor air quality and optimum energy efficiency.

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Warm Air Heating – How it works

Air is heated in the warm air heater and then blown out into the building. The heaters may be floor standing, or suspended if space is at a premium.

Cabinet heaters installed on the ground come either ready for connection to ductwork or with nozzles to give direction to the flow of warm air. They are able to heat more than one area because the nozzles or ducts can take the air to where it is required.

Suspended unit warm air heaters do not occupy valuable floor space and can be either suspended from the roof or mounted on wall brackets. Unit heaters are equipped with horizontal louvres to help push the warm air to ground level and vertical louvres giving side movement to help distribute the warm air throughout the building.

Warm Air Heating – The benefits

Warm air heating systems provide effective heat distribution within buildings to achieve optimum temperatures utilising compact reliable units that provide a range of heating options, i.e. heating only, heating and ventilation, or heating and cooling.

The high efficiency warm air heating units are easy to install and maintain and offer significant energy savings.

Warm Air Heating – Applications

Warm air heating could be the most suitable heating solution for a wide range of buildings in both the public and private sector including engineering workshops, factories, warehouses, distribution centres, vehicle workshops, glasshouses and garden centres.

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